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Carpet Cleaning & Carpet Shampooing Services

It is really amazing to see the difference between a carpet that has been deep cleaned and shampooed and one that has only been vacuumed. Commercial Cleaning New York’s carpet cleaning & carpet shampooing services will make your carpet look like new again, saving you money in the long run.

We Use Professional Products And Equipment

Carpet cleaning & carpet shampooing services in New York can be daunting for the do it yourselfer. Many people are worried about using the right cleaning products, over saturating the carpet, damaging the fibers, or making stains worse. Other people are concerned with using the wrong equipment or rentals that might yellow or otherwise damage the carpet fibers. Commercial Cleaning New York provides professional carpet cleaning & carpet shampooing services in New York to help alleviate those problems. With years of experience in offering New York carpet cleaning & carpet shampooing services, we know what products and methods to use to get any carpet looking new again. And we will always spot test our methods on your carpet before proceeding with the entire room.

Carpet Cleaning & Carpet Shampooing Services Pays Off In The Long Run

It pays to use our New York carpet cleaning & carpet shampooing services to extend the life of flooring, as any business owner knows how costly it is to replace large areas of carpeting. Clean carpets also make a good impression on clients and employees alike. Every worker deserves a clean and sanitary working environment and that begins with the carpets and flooring.

In general, deep carpet cleaning & carpet shampooing services in New York should be scheduled once per year, depending on the amount of traffic and color of the carpet. This would be in addition to everyday cleaning, vacuuming, and maintenance. The deep cleaning and shampooing is what really revitalizes a carpet.

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