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Post Construction Cleaning Services

Renovations, repairs, and construction can be stressful, especially when trying to get work done around a building that is still open for business. For new construction projects, the pressure to meet a closing date can mean less time for minor details, like cleaning. After a project, professional post-construction cleaning services in New York can help get your business back in working order and any homeowners into their new house faster.

The Importance of Hiring Cleaners for Post Renovation

The significance of hiring a company that provides post-renovation cleaning services cannot be overstated. As a building’s structure becomes overcrowded, dust particles, dirt, and bird droppings appear everywhere. For this reason, careful time management must be invested in quick and thorough service for post renovation cleaning so that the place can be ready for business after the completion.

The post-construction period is a critical phase for the success of your renovation. If a contractor works in the same space day after day, they may not be aware of what is happening around them. Renovations may last for months, or even years. There are many things you could do to increase your sales and visibility after post construction, but one thing you probably don’t think about until it’s too late is keeping your premises clean. Hiring a cleaning post renovation that can keep the site clean, safe, and tidy will help you take care of any unfinished projects or issues as they arise.

Prompt New York Post Renovation Cleaning Services

As a professional, prompt, and comprehensive New York post-construction cleaning company, Commercial Cleaning strives to provide you with the highest quality services. Many times, the cleanup required after a construction project is just too much for normal staff to handle promptly. There is nothing worse than having to shut down a portion of a building or postpone a closing just because it hasn’t been cleaned up. That is where Commercial Cleaning New York’s post construction cleaning services come in.

We Strive To Create A Safe & Healthy Environment

Our cleaning post construction in New York focuses on preparing an area for human habitation or business. We focus on helping our clients create a safe and healthy environment for their employees or residents, and that begins with post construction clean-up in New York. After the construction crew leaves, it is important to clear away clutter and debris so that the final interior design elements like the installation of carpet, fixtures, etc. can be completed. Anyone who has ever been in a construction zone can attest to the dust, drywall debris, hardware, and even paint splatter that follows in the wake of production.

Our New York post-construction cleaning service includes, but is not limited to:

  • Cleaning the floors, walls, fixtures, and windows.
  • Prepping the floors for carpet or flooring installation
  • Removing construction debris
  • Cleaning out air ducts, deodorizing, and improving air quality

That is just the short list of the New York City post-construction cleaning services we offer. Fill out the free cleaning estimate form on this page to learn more about our professional cleaning services. We will use this information to start a dialogue in order to provide you with a variety of options for every budget.

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